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If your BlackBerry has been stolen, lost, broken or BlackBerry Desktop Software fails to load your backups, the BlackBerry Backup Extractor application can open, retrieve and convert your data. The software can extract data stored in .BBB and .IPD backups easily and automatically, including v2 .BBB files and encrypted formats. Only one click is needed to extract data through its simple and easy to use interface.

The application will extract all sent and received email messages into a \'Messages\' folder, saved messages will go into a separate \'Saved Email Messages\' folder. All other BlackBerry content is saved logically in folder called \'Content Store\'.

The .BBB and .IPD files stores data as listed below, all of which can be extracted:

- Contacts
- Emails
- Saved emails
- Memos
- Call history
- Calendars
- SMS messages
- MMS messages, including attached files
- BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) conversations and backup files
- Media files like, Photo and Music stored on the BlackBerry device
- Tasks and much more

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